What is the difference between OEM windshield and aftermarket windshield?

What is the difference between OEM windshield and aftermarket windshield?

People who own the vehicle of any make and model wish to enhance every aspect of their vehicle. They understand and ensure about benefits of properly maintaining the windshield of their car.

They get confused with pros and cons of both OEM windshields and aftermarket windshield. They like to know about the main difference between OEM windshield and aftermarket windshield in detail.

They have to keep in mind that OEM stands for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM windshield glass is manufactured by the manufacturer of the original glass used by the automaker in the vehicle.

If you wish to get the identical windshield glass to the factory car windshield glass your car came with, then you can prefer and order the OEM windshield glass.

OEM windshield

Compare Aftermarket windshields and OEM windshields

Aftermarket windshield glass is made by the company other than the manufacturer of the original windshield glass or the same OEM Company on other production line.

Though some of these windshield glasses are similar to the OEM parts in terms of the quality, other glasses are poor in terms of the quality. Individuals with a reasonable budget for the windshield glass shopping can focus on OEM windshield vs aftermarket windshield in terms of the cost.

They will be keen and confident to prefer the aftermarket windshield glass. This is because the aftermarket windshield glass is cheaper than the OEM windshield glass.

Many companies producing the car windshields nowadays do not have the OEM relationship with the car makers.

These companies make copies of the original windshields devoid of any consultation from the manufacturer of the original windshields.

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These companies obey the copyright laws and produce the windshields slightly differ from the original windshields in terms of the tint color, UV protection, durability and thickness.

You can research these two types of windshields and make a good decision to buy OEM windshield or aftermarket windshield as per your requirements.


The main benefits for users of the OEM windshields are quality standards set forth by the manufacturer are met and the overall safety, finish and fit are the same as the car actually rolled off the manufacturing line.

These windshields are expensive and not entirely covered by the insurance. Aftermarket windshields exceed the minimum safety needs set forth by the transport department.

These products are less expensive than OEM windshields. You can contact and consult with auto professionals to decide on and invest in the suitable windshield on time.