How to Make a Homemade Bed

How to Make a Homemade Bed

The DIY bed is a popular choice for people who want to make their bed. There are many reasons why this might be preferable, but the most common one is that it will save you money buying something new.

The DIY bed frame can also be customized to suit your needs and preferences more than a store-bought one could, which makes it perfect for those of us who like things just so. In this post, we will discuss how to choose the material and size for your DIY bed frame, as well as what tools you’ll need.

What do you need for the DIY bed frame

  • pieces of wood (equal to both the length and width of your mattress) – make sure they are thick enough for a sturdy frame. Ideally three or four inches in thickness, but it’s up to you how much support you want;
  • screws that match the wood you use.
  • a drill or screwdriver (to fit screws).
  • Brackets to hold the DIY bed frame together can be found in hardware stores or online.
  • nails if you’re going with a DIY bed frame that doesn’t have brackets.
  • a mattress – the most important part of any DIY bed!

A DIY bed will need to be made in two pieces, one for the head end and another for the foot end. Measure your mattress lengthwise before you start making anything so that you can get it right.
Don’t forget that DIY bed frames can be made from any material you choose, so long as strong and sturdy.

Plywood is a good choice because it’s lightweight enough for transporting and tough enough to hold your mattress in place. If you use wood, make sure the pieces are wide and thick enough (ideally three or four inches), and they don’t have knots that could weaken the homemade bed frame.

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How much bigger should a bed frame be than a mattress?

If you want a bed frame to sit flush with the top of your edge support mattress, it should be about two inches wider than the width of your mattress. A good rule for beds is to extend three inches on each side from the head and footboard. This gives enough space for most people to get in between them.

Remember that a bed frame is not the same width on all four sides. The length of your DIY bed will be based on what you need for space in your bedroom and how much material you have available. For example, if two people are sleeping together and they’re both tall enough to stand up straight in their bed, it needs to be wider on one side than it is on the other.

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Is it cheaper to build your bed frame?

A DIY bed frame is cheaper than a pre-made one. Building your bed will require tools and materials like MDF boards, metal brackets, screws or nails for the headboard and footboard attachments, bolts/screws for attaching supports to the side rails of the box spring (if used), and lag screws or bolts to secure the box spring.

The cost of materials and tools would range from $150-$200 for a basic frame with no headboard or footboard attachments, up to around $300 for fancier “do it yourself” bed frames that are customized in size and design. Of course, it is assuming you already have some standard tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and a drill.

If you buy the materials, it will depend on what size bed frames you want to build; for example, an average king-sized bed could cost anywhere from $150-$200 in material costs if building a basic bed with no headboard or footboard attachments.