What is speedometer and odometer?

What is speedometer and odometer?

People who drive the car at the first time are eager to know about every part of their car and their functions. They like to focus on the role of the speedometer and odometer in their car. What is speedometer and odometer?

Speedometer is a gauge which measures and displays the vehicle’s instantaneous speed. The speedometer for other categories of vehicles is called in different ways.

For example, the speedometer in the aircraft is called as an airspeed indicator and the speedometer in the boat is known as the pit log.

Odometer is an instrument used for properly measuring the distance the vehicle has travelled. The odometer may be mechanical, electronic or combination of the two namely electromechanical.

The purpose of the speedometer and odometer

Many men and women focus on the complete details about the speedometer vs odometer with an objective to properly reap benefits from such elements in their vehicle.


The speedometer is designed to show the speed at which you have travelled. The speedometer indicates the speed in the miles per hour or kilometres per hour.

The odometer is designed to display the entire mileage on the vehicle engine. This accessory also changes to show other things such as twin trip monitors.

Individuals can push the change button in the twin trip monitors to cycle between the trip 1, trip 2 and the standard odometer. They can properly use it and reset the mileage on the trips 1 and 2.

There are loads of important things to consider soon after you have decided to find the main difference between speedometer and odometer as comprehensive as possible.

Though speedometer and odometer have unique functions, they are usually housed in the vehicle as a single instrument.

You can buy an independent device like to odometer or speedometer for us on something except a car. For example, you can use such device for your bicycle.

The first-class odometer is used to measure the distance. This instrument operates by recording the wheel rotations. The number of rotations in the odometer is depending on the wheel’s diameter in each mile.


Choosing the speedometer or odometer on online is an easy thing when you understand the main purpose and benefits of these two instruments.

The counter in the odometer clicks over and recording a mile when a particular number of rotations the vehicle’s wheel has been reached.

The speedometer is appearing like a dial positioned just above the odometer counter in the dashboard of the vehicle and used for measuring the vehicle’s speed.