Can you use normal sockets on an impact wrench?

Can you use normal sockets on an impact wrench?

Many people often get so many doubts about the sockets and wrench. For example, they think about whether they can use normal sockets on an impact wrench or not.

They have to keep in mind that they must not use any normal socket with an impact wrench. They can focus on the importance differences between the impact and standard sockets at this time.

Concentrate on important things

The material hardness and wall thickness are the two factors used to differentiate the usual socket and impact socket. An impact socket is usually heat treated to the low hardness when compared to the usual socket.

The socket with the low hardness is ductile and reducing the wear on the impact wrench and dissipate for the entire force imparted by the wrench.

The outer diameter is usually larger than the impact socket for increasing the thickness of the wall to mitigate the maximum stresses imparted on the socket during the usage with the impact wrench.

As a beginner to the socket collection, you may get confused with so many sockets. You have to remember that all sockets can be categorized into the regular sockets and impact sockets.

You can spend enough time to take note of the latest updates of the impact socket vs normal socket on an impact wrench right now. This is because you have to decide on and us either normal socket or impact socket in every situation.


Individuals who use the regular sockets with impact wrench these days get different drawbacks like the lack of safety. This is because the normal socket breaks or cracks when it is used on the impact wrench.

Poor material is the main reason behind this problem. Users of the impact socket for their impact wrench nowadays ensure their safety and reap benefits from the optimal efficiency.