Blog Features

The blog format offers the utmost in flexibility for publishers and advertisers alike. Our content appears as the story happens, not two months later as in the case of magazine features. In addition to text-based stories, the blog features a heavy dose of images and videos – two components that keeps the audience coming back for more. Blogging also allows us to incorporate advertorial content with links back to our partner’s website. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Advertising Benefits

Your association with puts you into the mainstream of the car enthusiast market. Blog advertising is more than just banner ads. Text, images and videos can all be incorporated in the advertising mix. Product introductions and reviews can be incorporated with links back to our partner’s websites. Once a sponsor is added to the design template, the ad will be featured on all past and future content, allowing the advertiser to benefit from years of exclusive content and exciting coverage of cars.


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