It’s simple. The Good Life Organization is dedicated to cars that go fast. The unique breed of autos that can reach 60 mph from a stop in under 5 seconds – the true test of an exceptional vehicle. We cover stock OEM cars including those that are electric, hybrid and high-performance as well as factory tuned models from motorsport divisions. In addition, we review the offerings from 3rd party tuning companies and take a look a various auto events around the world.

Since our inception we have grown quickly and have expanded our coverage to include a wider-variety of vehicles and goods that embody high-performance both in form and in spirit. Our brand has become synonymous with significant achievements across a range of categories including fast cars and motorcycles, alternative energy vehicles, gear, gaming and mobile technology. A special section dedicated to watches is also highlighted. (Why? Because there is a close relationship between high-end timepieces and high-performance autos, many manufacturers feature models with inspiration from racing history or affiliations with luxury auto makers.)